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We are a used-bike shop in Northeast Minneapolis with a small crew that works together to put 1,000 new riders on the streets of Minneapolis every year. We meet weekly to share updates and make decisions collectively. We work weekends because that's when our customers need us the most.

Recovery Bike Shop rebuilds and sells used bikes for entry level riders which means we are often introducing people to the first bike they are buying for themselves. Our team is patient, enjoys problem solving, can work independently and collaboratively, pays attention to the details, and wants to be part of the solution.

The perfect candidates are excited about the Northeast community. We can train for everything else!

We prefer to hire for full-time, permanent positions (not seasonal). Please send your resume to

We believe bikes are practical transportation, accessible to all. We believe riding makes a difference. We seek to interact with the world around us. We think bikes are awesome!

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2504 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN