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(Playa addresses announced in July!)

$175 (+$150 deposit)

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Bicycle rentals delivered to Burning Man

Rent your bike online and pick it up at our camp when you arrive (we are open 10:30am to 5:30pm daily).


Your support of our Playa rentals helps fund the biggest, reddest bicycle repair camp we can muster. Every year we fix thousands of bicycles in Black Rock City. This year we plan to add more mechanics, tools, and bicycles to the effort.

For more details on the rental process, click here.


What kinds of bikes do you rent?

Not every bike makes a good Playa bike. And not every citizen of Black Rock City knows how to find the perfect bike before coming to Burning Man.

We are professional bike mechanics that have been coming to Burning Man for more than a decade. We operate an on-Playa bike shop every year and we have learned a thing or two (or 1000) about what makes a good Burning Man bike.

Our rental fleet is comprised of bikes specifically selected or custom built for Burning Man, then supported by our full service on-Playa bike shop.

We have amassed a wide variety of bikes in that time. Many are basic beach cruisers or geared mountain bikes. But we also build a custom single speed cruiser with wide tires (of multiple colors), a comfy seat, and upright handlebars. It's a simple ride that performs especially well at Burning Man.

After all these years, we literally (figuratively?) have something for everyone. Feel free to pick up one of our bikes, ride it for an afternoon, then return it and try something completely different. You could ride a different bike every day of Burning Man.

Finally, our Bike Whisperers will help match you with the perfect bike for your Burn.

Do I need a bike lock?


But I thought Burners were cool?

They are. But drunk and high at 3am, every bike starts to look the same and--"Hey, someone added a cute stuffed tiger to my bike!" Buy a lock from us and pick it up with your bike or bring your own lock. If you don't, your bike will almost certainly be stolen, even at Burning Man, and you will lose your deposit (and walk for the rest of your trip).

Can I decorate my bike rental?

Art is a very personal thing and we do not even try to guess how our renters would like to practice the principle of radical self-expression. Renters are free to decorate their bikes however they like as long as the bike is returned to us in the same condition as it was rented. Mostly this is to keep us from having to deal with a ton of MOOP.

Will you have my size?

Almost certainly. We have been building our fleet for years and we've got a very good mix of sizes. Also, Bike Whisperers will help you pick out your bike and adjust it to your comfort when you arrive.

But I'm 5'0"?

So are lots of our supporters. We got you.

I'm arriving early. Can I pick up my bike before Burning Man starts?

Yes. Officially we open at 10:30am on Saturday before the Sunday gate opening. However, if you can be patient, stop by as early as Thursday during setup and we will get you set up.

How do I get my deposit back?

Return your bike between 10:30am and 5:30pm to the same place you picked it up. We will have a table set up for returns and a person from our camp will receive the bike from you at this table and give you a return receipt. Keep this receipt as proof of the return. (Pro tip: take a photo of your receipt immediately.)

The bike must be returned in the same shape that it is rented (all decoration and other MOOP removed). Necessary repairs (beyond cleaning and re-tuning) will be paid for from your deposit. If you wish to keep your rental bike we will simply keep your deposit and wish you well.

Deposit refunds begin going out two weeks after Burning Man ends. These are refunded back to your credit card (if you paid by credit card) or PayPal account (if you paid by PayPal).

If you haven't heard from us by the end of September, send us an email with a photo of your return receipt. Problems do come up. Sometimes credit cards expire and we can't send you the deposit directly (and so on). Of course, we will email you if this happens, but you have to check your email (the same email you used to rent the bike) for us to let you know that your credit card has expired.

What if I can't return my bike between 10:30am and 5:30pm?

We have a pretty good system, but it functions best when the best people are on-shift and supported by a whole camp. If you hand your bike to a well-meaning crew member who hasn't had their morning coffee and doesn't know where your rental card is, we may get the bike back, but not know that you returned it. In that case, it will appear to us as though you did not return your bike. Usually it works out, but sometimes it does not. If you return your bike outside of our open hours, you are taking the chance that you will not get your deposit back.

What if I need to cancel? Or what if I don't pick up my bike? Can I get a refund?

You can cancel your reservation for a full refund within 50 days of making the reservation, but no cancellations can be accepted after Aug 10, 2019. After this date, we will be delivering a bike to Burning Man with your name on it. We can't turn back after this point. We cannot avoid spending the money to get your bike to Black Rock City. We will also have to take the time to clean up the bike after Burning Man (because anything that goes to Burning Man gets covered in corrosive dust even if you don't use it).

Prior to Aug 10, 2019, we are happy to take cancellations because we can re-rent your bike. After this point, we lose this opportunity. You are, in essence, paying us to hold a bike for you (and run an awesome camp that sends bikes to Africa and gifts free bicycle repair and so much more). It doesn't matter if you ride the bike or not.

Do you rent adult trikes?

We do not.

What about tandems?

Sorry, no.


I don't even know what that is.

I don't know how to ride a bike. If I bring training wheels, can you install them on one of your bikes?

Maybe. Probably. I guess I couldn't say for sure without seeing the training wheels. But how about this instead: bring the training wheels, but first let us give you a five minute lesson. We have a patented (it's not patented) technique for teaching people to ride a bike. We started teaching Burners to ride bikes in 2015 and this year we will be offering super legit clinics (starting Tuesday). We're hoping you don't need those training wheels (but bring them just in case).

Can I have a camp sticker?

YES! Absolutely! Just grab one at the camp. Thanks so much for asking! Have you seen our postcards?


Hammer And Cyclery and Re-Cycle, Inc share no official affiliations with Burning Man or Black Rock City, LLC.

(Playa address announced in July)
Open Daily 10:30am-5:30pm
Saturday Aug 29 - Monday Sept 7, 2020

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