Joining Hammer And Cyclery


Hammer And Cyclery is a community of people dedicated to serving Burners through bicycles. Bicycle rentals pay for it all.

Join our camp to contribute and participate in something larger than yourself. (No dues. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!)

We work together as a camp to repair bicycles, receive donations, and facilitate events. Our crew hosts more than 1000 people per day!

But while bicycles are our excuse, getting to work with amazing people toward an important goal is the real point of Hammer And Cyclery. It's often brutal work, but it makes a real difference.

Want to know more about becoming a member of Hammer And Cyclery? Drop us a line:

Live in Minneapolis (or nearby)? Come to our Build Your Own Burner Bike events every month!

Hammer And Cyclery and Re-Cycle, Inc share no official affiliations with Burning Man or Black Rock City, LLC.


Burning Man on bikes

In Burning Man's own words, "having a bicycle at Burning Man is crucial." But what kind of bike to bring? How do we park bikes at our theme camp? Do I always need to lock my bike? Yes. ...

Bicycle survival guide for Burning Man

Bicycle travel is the most practical way to get around. The Playa is not like a soft sandy beach. It is more akin to a well trodden dirt road and it makes for a surprisingly good cycling surface. ...

On-Playa bike repair

Somebody you know is going to have a problem with their bike. Bring some basic tools and become familiar with some common problems that can arise in one of the most punishing environments your bicycle will ever endure. ...

Learn to ride a bicycle

This is your chance to taste the freedom that bike riders have been enjoying for more than a hundred years. ...

A tube change on the Playa

So your bike has a flat tire. You're out on the Playa, hundreds of yards from anyone that can help. Don't worry, you can handle this. ...

Burning Man Yellow Bikes

A Yellow Bike is a bicycle that has been given to the public. Anyone can grab an unoccupied Yellow Bike, take it to their destination of choice, and leave the bike in an obvious place for the next rider. ...

Cleaning your bike after Burning Man

Mix up a solution of water and vinegar (half and half) and use a spray bottle to apply the mixture to your Playa bike (and anything else you want to use next year...or next week, like your lock). ...

3:30 & Gort
Open Daily 10:30am-5:30pm
Saturday Aug 25 - Monday Sept 3, 2018

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